• Training on policy influencing, its concepts and conditions
  • (Online) Workshops for strategizing policy influencing
  • (Online) Training of trainers on policy influencing
  • Coaching of implementation of policy influencing strategies
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of policy influencing processes

Sloot Consult offers these services in Dutch, English, French and Spanish and works in Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia.


These services are targeted at staff working in development organizations around the world, wanting to increase the impact of the activities of their organizations by influencing at policy level, such as policy officers, press officers, directors, and program executives.

Way of working

Effective policy influencing has to take into account the specific political and societal context, as well as the characteristics of the involved staff and organizations. Training and coaching programs are always tailor made and developed in collaboration with the client organization to be able to meet their needs and demands.

Programs always combine theoretical and practical sessions to give participants the opportunity to put knowledge directly into practice. When possible, first steps are taken towards the elaboration of a real time policy influencing strategy.

Preparatory assignments may be part of the program. The maximum group size is 25 persons to allow for a participatory approach.

Examples of services

Training on policy influencing, its concepts and conditions

Training for development organizations to strengthen people’s knowledge and skills on policy influencing; how can we influence local, national or international policies related to development? This can be in the areas of agriculture, trade, health, housing, etc.

Starting point is the analyses of the political environment to verify the necessary room for policy influencing. The basic concepts of policy influencing methods such as campaigning, lobby and advocacy are explored, as well as the necessary (organizational) conditions for influencing. The role of the lobbyist examined, as well as the opportunities and bottlenecks for alliance building for influencing purposes. In the training, there is room for participants to share best practices, and to identify key success factors for influencing decision makers. Moreover, role plays and practical exercises are an integral part of the training.

Strategizing policy influencing

In this strategic workshop, participants are made familiar with the steps necessary to develop an effective strategy and action plan for influencing. Each step is discussed and practical tools are presented to be able to realize each step.

The development of an effective monitoring and evaluation system for policy influencing is also discussed and concrete indicators are elaborated.

Training of trainers on policy influencing

Training for advanced practitioners who want to become themselves facilitators of training sessions on policy influencing. The training is focused on giving participants the necessary knowledge and skills to facilitate the various training sessions on policy influencing (policy analyses, basic concepts, role plays, monitoring and evaluation, etc.).

The joint development of learning modules to be used in practice is part of the training.

Coaching of implementation of policy influencing strategies

Effective influencing needs more than one training or workshop. Sloot Consult offers coaching to support the effective implementation of the strategies and action plans. Personal visits and support via internet and skype can be part of the coaching process. The coordination with local consultants to facilitate the implementation is part of the coaching process.

Evaluating policy influencing

Evaluation of policy influencing is important to be able to draw lessons for future improvements and to show accountability to all stakeholders involved in the influencing process. Sloot Consult offers the necessary expertise to develop and realize tailor made evaluations of influencing processes done by individual organizations or by networks and coalitions.

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